Ask any professional speaker, like me, what is the difference between a poor, or even average event, and a memorable, great event, and they will tell you: it comes down to whoever has put the event together.

Event planners like you are the unsung heroes of event production. It’s not easy to pull together clients, management, speakers, an MC, audiovisual suppliers, caterers, attendees and venues, and produce a conference that is seamless, impactful and impressive.

And, as someone who has spoken to over 350,000 people at more than 350 conferences in 11 countries, I definitely don’t want to be the reason a conference doesn’t work and, for that matter, I don’t want to be someone who makes running that event any more difficult.

I am proud to have developed a reputation for being ‘not diva-ish’ as one of my clients put it, and I try really hard to be someone who is easy to work with, doesn’t have a million unrealistic demands, and is adaptable and able to make changes at a moment’s notice. 

So, I want you to know that if our paths cross in the event production space some time in the future, i am there to help you, not make things more difficult and stressful than they have to be.

The Insider's Guide to Better Events

[EBOOK] The 15 things that I have learned over my time being a professional speaker that will go a long way towards producing the best event possible.


1. My level of professionalism and reliability, including extensive preparation for every job and very detailed follow-up after events.

2. The level of engagement and entertainment that audiences enjoy whilst I am on stage, regardless of the size of that audience or the size of the venue.

3. The fact that I get booked consistently again and again by the same bureaus, agencies, and event managers, and how often those clients have referred me to new audiences and event organisers.

4. The sort of quality that I bring to every event after having presented to thousands of people all over Australia and internationally for many years.

5. I provide all of the speaker intros, full bios, photos and headshots that you need to promote both me and your event leading up to it.

6. I have loads of video to show you so that you so that you can get to know me better – both on stage and off it – so that what you get on the day is exactly what you expect from what you have already seen – no surprises!

7. Testimonials and consistently high feedback scores from past clients so that you can be confident and assured of the quality you are getting in me as a speaker.

8. A very detailed speaker brochure so that you can get all of the information you need from me to make an informed booking decision, as well as share that brochure around your business if you are not the only stakeholder involved in the decision of booking speakers.

9. A completely obligation-free enquiry process, where you can tell me about you and your event, so that we can work out if I am a good fit for you.

10. And the fact that I have representation. My agent is Carson White from Leading Voice Speaker Management. Together with his business partner, Simone Ashton, they have collectively over 40 years’ experience in selling, marketing and operational delivery of speakers to the conference and events market in Australia and overseas. Carson is your guarantee of reliability, communication, organisation and professionalism, and I am thrilled that he is representing me in the market.