The LIVING WITH ANXIETY mental health group will start on Tuesday 13th February.

This group is for people who live with any type of anxiety and for whom it is making living your life really challenging.

Whether it’s a general anxiety you live with, or a more specific one around social situations, health anxiety, or related to a particular person or place, this group will help you.

This group is for people to come into a non-judgmental and understanding community of others who are going through the same thing.

This group will be conducted on Zoom (which is 100% encrypted) and you need only give a first name to the group each week.

The group runs for 5 weeks at 730pm on Tuesdays (Sydney time)

Tuesday 13th February
Tuesday 20th February
Tuesday 27th February
Tuesday 5th March
Tuesday 12th March

The cost of this 5 week group is $390 per person. The minimum number for the group to go ahead is 3 people and it will be capped at a maximum of just 6 people.

Payment is required upfront and if the minimum is not met you will be refunded, if I get too many participants I will establish a waitlist or extra groups as needed.

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