The LIVING WITH ADDICTIONS mental health group will start on Saturday 17th February.

This group is for people who live with an addiction, whether to a substance or a process or habit, and want to get some peace and learn to how live better with the addiction.

In this group, I really focus on teaching you how to control the controllable things in your life. How to accept what you can’t change or what has already happened, and how to move towards a future where you have gained back some power of your addiction, and your life.

This group is for people to come into a non-judgmental and understanding community of others who are going through the same thing.

This group will be conducted on Zoom (which is 100% encrypted) and you need only give a first name to the group each week.

The group runs for 5 weeks at 1030am on Saturday (Sydney time)

Saturday 17th February
Saturday 24th February
Saturday 2nd March
NB. NOT on Saturday 9th March
Saturday 16th March
Saturday 23rd March

The cost of this 5 week group is $390 per person. The minimum number for the group to go ahead is 3 people and it will be capped at a maximum of just 6 people.

Payment is required upfront and if the minimum is not met you will be refunded, if I get too many participants I will establish a waitlist or extra groups as needed.

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