Speaker Coaching

I love speaking on stage.

To have the opportunity to tell stories, and encourage other people to tell theirs, and to be paid to do it, is something that I hope I never take for granted.

And even though I live with anxiety which can sometimes be really difficult to co-exist with, standing up on a stage in front of hundreds, or thousands, of people has never bothered me.

But I know that, for a lot of people, even reading that sentence will have induced some pretty negative feelings.

I get it. Even though I don’t feel it, I know how anxiety can stop you doing something, and in the case of public speaking, it might be holding you back professionally, or even be getting in the way of a big dream.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have helped loads of people conquer their limiting beliefs when it comes to public speaking and some of them have even become very successful professional speakers.

And I can help you too.

So, whether your goal is to deliver a TED talk like I have done, speak on stage more for your work or to represent your brand better, or to become a professional speaker travelling from conference to conference telling stories and impacting audiences, I would love to help you get there.

Click here to connect with me, and let’s get started.