The Reboot Journal

28 Days to be more mindful, think differently and be better.

When I wrote the best-selling book, Reboot Your Thinking, three years ago, its success caught me a bit by surprise, mostly because the book deals with concepts and ideas that are really hard for most people to face when thinking about their own lives: shame, guilt, pain, and trauma among them.

But the overwhelming feedback that came from readers on the book’s release was that they really did want to feel those things, and work through those feelings, instead of just cramming them down and hoping they would go away.

Reboot was designed to be used as a 28-day program to help change how people thought about, and talked to, themselves.

Basically, each day has a theme, and each of the themes revolves around thinking differently and being better.

By encouraging people to think purposefully about things like shame, guilt, criticism, resilience, gratitude, and happiness, the book also forced people to focus much more on their present moment, which is the safest place for you to initiate some change from.

The book included self-directed activities and space for feedback and note-taking, but again, the feedback from the readers was that a more in-depth exploration of the themes that they could do themselves, in a journal format, would have been really helpful.

Hence, the birth of the 101 page The Reboot Journal.


Other Titles

Reboot Your Thinking

This is my first book, and my best-seller. The book delves into themes and thought patterns that help me live with my mental illnesses, how I have become resilient, and a survivor.

Steel Snowflakes

Steel Snowflakes is about the millennial generation, those that malign them, why they malign them, and how despite all that, these Snowflakes will end up being the best adults ever made

Actually, it IS all about me

 This is my follow-up to the best-selling Reboot Your Thinking, and is available as a hard copy book, an audiobook, and an e-book.