Steel  Snowflakes

Steel Snowflakes is about the millennial generation, those that malign then, WHY they malign them, and how despite all that, these snowflakes will end up being the best adults ever made.

The book explores the great disparity between this ‘Snowflake Generation’ compared to other generations, and in particular in the areas of how they will discipline their own children, their ideas around education, inclusion, and tolerance, how they are able to both explore and express their feelings in a much healthier way, how they feel about work, religion, relationships, and technology, and how things like politics, gender, and mental health fit into their lives.

Steel Snowflakes is available as an e-book, downloadable now.

Other Titles

Reboot Your Thinking

This is my first book, and my best-seller. The book delves into themes and thought patterns that help me live with my mental illnesses, how I have become resilient, and a survivor.

Actually, it IS all about me

This is my follow-up to the best-selling Reboot Your Thinking, and is available as a hard copy book, an audiobook, and an e-book.


The Reboot Journal

Set yourself a 28 day period where you can really commit to yourself, for 28 days straight, that you will journal and be challenged and guided through some difficult but rewarding topics and themes, and come out the other side much more mindful, purposeful, and thoughtful.