5 Reasons Why You Should Book Me As The Motivational Speaker for Your Next Conference


Are you planning a conference or event and looking for a motivational speaker to inspire and energize your audience? Look no further! 

As one of the best motivational speakers in Australia, I am confident that I can provide the kind of experience your audience needs to leave your event feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take action. 

Here are five reasons why you should book me as your next motivational speaker:

My experience and expertise:

With years of experience in public speaking, providing therapy, and coaching, I have developed a deep understanding of what it takes to inspire and motivate people. 

Whether you are looking to empower your audience to achieve their personal or professional goals, I can customise my talk to your audience’s needs. 

My expertise and experience will enable me to deliver a compelling and engaging talk that will resonate with your audience.

Unique perspective:

As a motivational speaker, my unique perspective sets me apart from other speakers. 

I have overcome my own challenges and obstacles, and I use my experiences to provide relatable and actionable advice to my audience. 

I believe that sharing personal stories is a powerful way to connect with your audience and inspire them to take action in their own lives. 

My unique perspective will enable your audience to see things in a new light, providing them with fresh insights and perspectives.

Engaging and interactive:

My speaking style is highly engaging and interactive, ensuring that your audience will remain attentive and engaged throughout my presentation. I

 understand the importance of keeping your audience engaged, and I use a variety of techniques to ensure that my talk is dynamic, entertaining, and informative. 

I am not just a speaker, but an entertainer who knows how to captivate the audience’s attention and create a memorable experience.

Practical strategies:

As a motivational speaker, I don’t just inspire and motivate your audience, but I also provide practical strategies to help them achieve their goals. 

I believe that motivation without action is useless. 

Therefore, I provide concrete, actionable steps that your audience can take to turn their inspiration into action. 

By providing practical strategies, I help your audience to overcome their fear and self-doubt, and take the necessary steps to achieve their dreams.


Every audience is unique, and therefore every presentation should be unique too. 

I understand this, and I will work with you to customise my talk to your audience’s needs. 

Whether you are looking to motivate your employees, students, or clients, I can tailor my message to meet your specific needs. 

By customising my talk to your audience’s needs, I can ensure that they get the most out of my presentation and are able to apply the lessons learned to their own lives.


In conclusion, as a motivational speaker, I can offer you and your audience an experience that is unique, engaging, and transformative. 

By booking me as your next motivational speaker, you can be confident that your audience will leave your event feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to take action. 

I am committed to making your event a success, and I look forward to working with you to make it happen. 

To make me part of your next conference or event and see the difference having one of Australia’s best motivational speakers can make:

  • check out my speaking page where you can also check my availability for the date of your event
  • or speak directly to my agent, Carson, by calling him on 0499 811 817 today.

Nick Bowditch - The best motivational speaker in Australia

Nick Bowditch

Nick Bowditch is a motivational speaker, the best-selling author of Reboot Your Thinking and Actually, it IS all about me, and a therapist and coach. He is also a successful (and unsuccessful) entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, inspirational storytelling expert, blogger, podcaster, and a passionate mental health advocate. 

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